Active Studies

In addition to conducting our own local and multi-center studies, we proudly participate in a network studies hosted by the Pediatric Acute Lung Injury & Sepsis Investigators, the National Emergency Airway Registry for Children, the Collaborative Pediatric Critical Care Research, and the Pediatric Intensive Care Influenza Networks.

Analysis of Gut Microbiome in Congential Heart

A secondary analysis of KIND Heart, researchers will investiagte the host-microbiome pathways associated with an increase risk for pediatric MODS, supporting the design of pre-operative treatment interventions and strategies that reduce the risk of MODS in future pediatric patients.

Immunobiology of Influenza Critical Illness in Young People

Host-response to the influenza virus is complex. The goal of this PICFlu2 is to take a multidimensional immunobiologic approach to evaluate pathophysiology, immunity, and host genetics to best identify effective therapies for severe pediatric disease.


LongVentKids is an international point-prevalence study of pediatric patients requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation of at least 14 days. Researchers aim to generate and support improved guidelines for these patients in PICUs.


A locally-led ancillary study to the PROSpect Trial, the Microbiome and Nutrition in Severe PARDS Study will investigate how type, timing, and amount of enteral nutrition may influence the gut microbiome, fecal butyrate concentrations, and markers of lung inflammation in children with ARDS.


Understanding the role of storage and preservation of biological specimens is key to interpreting the results generated from their analyses. Here, we endeavor to test a novel endotracheal aspirate storage medium at different points in storage time.

Overcoming COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has an incredible impact on pediatric intensive care units. This CDC-funded study generates data crucial to our understanding of this novel virus and its impact on children through real-time surveillance and patient engagement.

OCOVID-19: Vaccine Efficacy

An ancillary study to Overcoming COVID-19, the VE study seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in pediatric patients through a case-control design.

Stress Hydrocortisone In Pediatric Septic Shock

A randomized-clinical trial, SHIPSS aims to evaluate the potentials benefits and risks in using hydrocortisone to treat critically ill children diagnosed with septic shock.

Transfusion Associated Pathophysiology in MODS

TRAP-MODS seeks to enroll critically ill children undergoing transfusions to investigate any association between their transfusion and potential development of multiorgan dysfunction syndrome.