An an ancillary study to the Prone and Oscillation Pediatric Clinical Trial (PROSpect), MANTIS is voluntary and not required for PROSpect, though we welcome your participation! Briefly, we plan to study how type, timing, and amount of enteral nutrition may influence the gut microbiome, fecal butyrate concentrations, and markers of lung inflammation in children with ARDS. From a practical standpoint, this study involves minor additional clinical data collection and fecal sample collection over the first week of PROSpect study participation. Our site will provide  sample kits, training, and additional financial support to recruiting sites.

The MANTIS Study is currently welcoming any PROSpect site based in the United States to participate in this ancillary study. In the near future, we expect to welcome those sites outside the US to join the study as well. If your site is qualified and able to participate, please reach out to our research coordinator to arrange on-boarding.